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9 Bar, Vagator, Goa

Updated: Oct 18, 2018


Located on the cliff of Ozran Beach, 9 Bar is an exciting place to start your night in Goa and probably end too (if authorities permit, of course). This place is extremely popular among the psychedelic music lovers and hippie culture enthusiast who come and enjoy the unique ambiance lit up with all shades of UV lights and glow in the dark paintings with tripping psytrance music.


9 Bar is one of the most famous places in Vagator area, North Goa and any cab or auto driver can drop you there (you can also ask for Alcove Resort, this is just next to 9 Bar and is a famous resort in Small Vagator). If you own your personal vehicle you can reach easily by using Google Maps or Navigation. But wait, that won’t be fun, after all, there is a different experience to XPLOR and find a new place. So, try taking help of the locals or people on the way to reach the place, let's call it the traditional way.

9 Bar is located on the cliff of Ozran Beach or Small Vagator. If you are starting from Baga, continue to the Arpora Junction to Anjuna, search or ask directly for small Vagator or Hilltop, it's just a KM from there. Hmm, so talking about Hilltop, this place is on another level for psychedelic parties their own Hilltop Festival, we’ll talk about it some other day, for now, let's head back to 9 Bar. From Hilltop next landmark is Thalassa (200 meters from Hilltop) and then take the next left and just follow the music, Like Literally!


Now that you have reached the spot you enter through the cave of UV art/painting around (yeah, go ahead and click some selfies), you can hardly hear your partners voice, well that’s the point, get fully dissolved with the music and the atmosphere here.

The Cliff location offers you an experience of beautiful sunset (if you reach by evening) and a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. And its just getting started

Take some drinks, light some smoke and get on the dance floor. 9 Bar has an outdoor dance space with the psychedelic decorative roof, psychedelic UV lights, psychedelic stage and a DJ playing Psychedelic trance music. YES! Everything about this place is psychedelic that makes it unique.

Timings/ Parties:

So according to the website it is open 24x7 but when there is a real party the place closes by 10 – 11 PM to keep the things cool with the local authorities, but Goa is a place where one party ends and other starts. So, you can head to another one – Just follow the music.

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